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Nadja is a San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley Wellness – Holistic practitioner and an Acupuncture and TCM herbology Doctorate student specializing in women’s health.

She began her journey as a yoga student and soon discovered her calling. After progressing to an advanced level, she trained to become a yoga instructor specializing in Yin yoga to help others.

Nadja found her way to Yin Yoga as that was the best way to transform students both physically and mentally.


Sometimes yoga isn’t enough. Through the learnings of TCM and Acupuncture, Nadja helps clients unblock and restore balance and energy flow through the body’s meridians.

Wellness Coaching lets Nadja helps students create new patterns and become better versions of themselves.



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Training and Certifications


Nadja is a TCM herbology and Acupuncture Doctorate student.
Certified YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider)
Yin Yoga Teacher (from Bernie Clark)
Restorative Yoga Teacher (from Judith Lasater)
Mindfulness Yoga Teacher (from Sarah Powers)
Mediatation Practitioner Teacher, Strategic Life Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Coach (from Graham Nichols).

E-RYT 200 (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher)
RPYT (Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher) by Yoga Alliance.
TC-TSY (TC-Trauma Sensitive Yoga)
CTTA Meditation Practitioner Teacher
Reiki Practitioner Level 1.


Nadja is a wandering spirit, captivated by art, creativity, and new experiences in life. She enjoys sharing her practice with her two sphynx cats Quentin and Quill. Off the mat, Nadja earned a BA in Graphic Design Studies and Photographic Arts from San José State, she is a globe trotter, cat lover, tea aficionado and plant admirer. For the latest scoop, follow her on instagram .

Habla español. Catmaste!

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Here are a few things people say about Nadja.
If you are an existing student, feel free to submit your review.

I have been taking Nadja’s Vinyasa yoga classes for a year now and it has helped me progress a lot in my yoga practice. She understands her students well and customizes variations that helps each student advance at their own pace. Nadja always emphasizes the importance of breathing and posture throughout the practice and reminds

Smitha R.
Nadja is a very special teacher and my go to person for Yin yoga. I have learned so much more than I imagined through the Life Seeker course –from background understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Breath Work, to movement and stretches that I can incorporate during downtime at work. You must check out her podcast

Patty K.
Nadja is a great yoga teacher who has now become one of my best friends as I got to know her in the Love, Yoga, Light community of teachers. As a yoga teacher myself, as well as a physical therapist, I can appreciate her knowledge, passion, and dedication to her students. In her Yin yoga practice,

Evangeline V.
Nadja is a caring, informative and soothing Yoga instructor. I’ve taken classes with her for well over a year and find her classes to be the most fulfilling of any I’ve tried. My flexibility and well being have vastly improved and I highly recommend her classes for all levels of yoga practice when seeking clarity

Susan S.

I love Nadja’s Yin Yoga classes! I’ve been going to her classes twice a week for about 6 months, and I feel so good after each class. She’s inspired me to commit to Yin Yoga as a regular part of my weekly practice. I highly recommend

Allyson T.

Nadja is a skilled instructor that teaches the principles of yoga and lives them in her daily life. She is patient and knowledgeable with therapeutic exercise for injuries. I enjoy all of her

Mariel F.

We loved Nadja. She was able to tailor classes to our needs (my husband and I), and really got us going on a regular self-practice 2 times a

Sri S.
Michelle O.



Music plays a critical role in your yoga practice by setting the right mood.
I'm often asked about songs I use in my sessions.
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