Wellness grounded in yoga

Become a better version of you!

We live in challenging times and each of us are on our own paths with our own battles to contend with.

What is holding you back?

The path to wellness starts within. A healthy mind and body are the foundation for a healthy soul.

Through a personalized plan of wellness grounded in yoga, we may make use of breathing, meditation, acupressure, bodywork, and coaching to get you to your goals.


Let’s take this journey together.

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The longest journey is your journey inward…

Nadja NaviYin

Embrace Wellness

Help your body and help your mind – through acupressure massage, dynamic cupping, and cranial relaxaction.

Add wellness coaching for some positive energy to get you through a rough spot in your life

Let’s Practice Yoga

Improve your health, flexibility, range of motion, and physical fitness.

Clear your mind and relieve stress. All while you connect with your inner self.

Meet Nadja

Yin specialist and Wellness coach helping students get the most out of their yoga practice and their lives, physically and mentally.

What’s your path?

I invite you to start your journey with one of my Yin Yoga sessions.

Aside from the physical benefits, yoga opens the gateway to a deeper understanding of yourself over time. This body – mind connection is the foundation that allowed many others to transform their lives.

The beauty is in the simplicity – just show up. Whether you’re new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, my sessions let you to practice at your own pace.

Start your journey, sign up for a session today!

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Discover Your Best Version

Wellness as a goal, encompasses both a heathy body and mind.

With yoga as our base, and personalized to your needs and goals, we add mediation, breathwork, coaching, and peer support. 

If  you seek benefits beyond what you are getting from yoga classes alone, take a look at my wellness coaching offering.


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